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Agendas and Minutes

The City of Clifton Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), formed in 1998, has as its mission to promote, encourage, and enhance the creation of jobs and expansion of the local tax base through projects which assist in the retention and expansion of existing businesses and which attract new businesses by offering aid in their development and growth.

Operating under Section 4B of the Development Act of 1979, the corporation is an arm of the City and was approved by the voters of Clifton for its creation. The CEDC is funded by collection of 4B sales tax by the state, which is then rebated back to the city for use in community development under the general guidelines set forth by the state.

Over the years, the corporation has developed grants for the City government, the Clifton Chamber of Commerce, the Nellie Pederson Civic Library, the Clifton Main Street Program, the Bosque Arts Center, and a Best Western motel completed in 2005.

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